Saturday, October 10, 2009

So CUTE from Kay Lea

This is an outfit that was in the running for the babies' first birthday pictures. A very special family friend got Rider and Josie really cute sailor themed outfits, but Rider outgrew his before Josie's fit. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN KAY! We loved these outfits so much and Josie has been wearing hers to church (even after labor day), and Rider wore his ALL Summer!

Aunt Lisa's Birthday

We went to Stillwater on the Friday after Aunt Lisa's birthday for dinner. The cousins played well together and had a great time!!

September 17th is a big day at our house because it's Aunt Lisa's birthday and our friend Michael Schiesel's too! This year (and from now on) it was EXTRA special because a new best friend was born! Evan James Neurohr was born at 9 lbs 7 oz! WOW!

First OSU game

We took the babies to the first OSU game to tailgate and see some friends. They didn't stay to see the Cowboys beat Georgia, because Mia was sweet enough to take them home after the pregame.

This first picture is Uncle Steve and cousin Luke with Rider. I didn't pack Rider any pants to go with his jersey! We had to borrow some hand-me-downs. Luke LOVES his cousins! The cheer uniform Josie is wearing is also a cousin hand-me-down. Claire was sweet enough to pass down her first suit!

They don't look very happy here. We had just gotten there, and had to wake them up...And their eyes hadn't adjusted to the sun.
They were SO GOOD in their stroller!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Older Posts

I did it again...I updated the blog and added so many posts on the same day that the first ones got pushed to the second page. Please check those out as well. Some of them are special pics!

Parents' First VACATION

So, I don't have any pictures of my vacation to post, but I thought I would update you about what's been going on.

Jeff and I went to Cancun for 5 days WITHOUT the babies! I did as well as I expected...I cried all the way from Sallisaw to Owasso after I initially dropped them off. Then the next morning when we were in the airport in Tulsa I got anxious and a little teary, but other than that I didn't cry again until Grammy and Grampaw brought them to us when we got home.

It was a great vacation with great friends and Jeff and I really enjoyed it!

We bought a BOAT

So those of you that have spent any time with Jeff and me over the last 4 years or know we have talked to death the possibility to buying a pontoon boat. Well, we finally did it! We are so excited. I know the timing seems strange since we have one fewer paying jobs than we did this time last year, but my parents went it halvsies with us. Grampaw (I THINK that's what we are going to call Nelson, and I spelled it just like we have been pronouncing that a little country or what?) was ADAMANT about the babies staying out of the lake this summer. We even stayed off the water on the Fourth! We had to do some sweet talking, but these pictures are from our first outing on the new boat. I will try to remember to take pics of the actual boat since lots of people have asked, but we were just SO excited to get out on the water we didn't think about it.

Playing in the GRASS and in the AIR

This is one Sunday after church in Sallisaw. They had been in the yard before, but always on a blanket. This is their first time to REALLY get to play in the grass.